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Weddings at St Paul's Cathedral | Olivia & Will

Olivia, her mother & I all met up at the Langham hotel in London to talk about her wedding plans to her fiancé Will who couldn't be there as he lives in NY. When she told me they were having their wedding at St Paul’s Cathedral, I was super excited! Not just anyone can have their wedding at St Paul’s Cathedral but Olivia was allowed to get married downstairs at The Crypt because she teaches at the primary school. So a month before her wedding at our pre-wedding day meet up, where we walk around the venues, and go through final details and timings, Olivia showed me around The Crypt to get an idea on how best to photograph the ceremony. It was amazing and I was looking forward to photographing this gorgeous day. However the night before the wedding Olivia called to let me know she had just been told she was now allowed to get married upstairs in the main cathedral! 'Woo Hoo!" may have been two of the words that popped out of my mouth. What amazing news, feeling very excited while quite nervous too but I know it's going to be a fantastic experience for Olivia & Will and us too!

One of the things that makes me smile about taking wedding photography at St Paul's is that all the people watching the glamorous ceremony are tourists, in their informal shorts and T-shirts. I think they thought they were watching a Royal wedding in action and I would say Olivia & Will made it look that way too. Enjoy the photographs from this gorgeous wedding at St Paul's Cathedral.


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