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London wedding photography
London wedding photography
London wedding photographer
London wedding photographer
Alswick barn wedding photographer

Hello I'm Sara


So I think by now you've guessed, what I do. I’m a fun-loving, storytelling, wedding photographer. I love meeting people, being creative and having a laugh, and that's my exact approach to wedding photography.​


I have been documenting weddings for over 15 years and have photographed over 300 weddings! I want you to feel relaxed, enjoy the experience and almost forget that I'm there. It's not just about making you both look amazing, it's also about making you feel like you can be yourselves.


5 things about me:

1.My LOVE for photography started when I was 5 when my dad built a makeshift darkroom in our bathroom. I would spend hours watching him develop his negatives, which felt magical.


I2. LOVE to travel and met my husband when living and working in Tokyo. We ended up travelling extensively together, and one of my many photos of him was printed on the front of The Rough Guide to Thailand.​ We now have two children who don't like me taking their photograph!


3.We have a rescue cat called Mayday and our dog Luna is a Froodle - want to know what that is - then you can ask me in our meeting!​


4. I started running quite late in life and it is the best way to start my day. I'll often run with a friend. Yes running and talking is a thing!​ 

5. Live music, the movies, a pub quiz or a great series thriller on TV are all an ideal night for me!


So thats me, now I would love to hear all about you! Come and message me on my contact form on my website and tell me everything!!


"Sara took spontaneous, beautiful images, that will be lasting memories of our wedding. She made us forget she was there, she was enthusiastic and made it so easy.

We have had so many compliments about the quality style of our wedding photographs!"



Your big day is like no other, packed with unforgettable moments, love, and pure joy. Your photos will forever hold the atmosphere and experiences of this special day. Our aim is to keep alive the heart of this exceptional day, giving you timeless mementos

to treasure for a lifetime.



Taking some time out at a wedding, to photograph the two of you alone is crucial. It's when we capture he upmost reflection of your love and connection.

So, I might offer a little direction, but the real magic happens when you let your guard down and

it's like I'm not even there. 


Creating a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere for couples during a photoshoot is just as essential as capturing their special moments. I want to ensure that you not only receive beautiful photographs but also enjoy the entire experience of being photographed.

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